Virtual Fossils

Virtual fossils can provide unparalleled insights into the palaeobiology and evolution of ancient organisms. A selection of virtual fossils can be accessed below (more will be added as the site develops). If you encounter any difficulties viewing these models, click here to check if your browser is compatible with the 3D content on this site.


Clypeaster – 10-million-year-old fossil sea urchin
Ctenocystis utahensis – 510-million-year-old fossil echinoderm
Ctenoimbricata spinosa – 510-million-year-old fossil echinoderm
Early post-metamorphic blastoid – 323-million-year-old fossil echinoderm
Enalikter aphson – 425-million-year-old fossil arthropod
Eophrynus prestvicii – 315-million-year-old fossil arachnid
Iocrinus africanus – 460-million-year-old fossil crinoid
Haliestes dasos – 425-million-year-old fossil sea spider
Kulindroplax perissokomos – 425-million-year-old fossil mollusc
Markuelia lauriei – 510-million-year-old fossil scalidophoran
Offacolus kingi – 425-million-year-old fossil arthropod
Protocinctus mansillaensis – 510-million-year-old fossil echinoderm


Pararaucaria collinsoanae – 150-million-year-old fossil conifer

Other Organisms and Problematica

Globigerinella siphonifera and Globorotalia menardii – recent and 12,000-year-old fossil foraminifera
Tianzhushania – 570-million-year-old fossil of uncertain biological nature


Erlikosaurus andrewsi – 95-million-year-old fossil dinosaur
Furnishina – 480-million-year-old fossil conodont
Proconodontus posterocostatus – 500-million-year-old fossil conodont
Shuyu zhejiangensis – 430-million-year-old fossil jawless fish
Therizinosaurus cheloniformis – 70-million-year-old fossil dinosaur